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2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition
 Have you ever imagined the sound of blooming?
People nowadays are busy working, which not only exhausts them, but also blinds their minds. At the same time, “happiness” is like the silence of blooming. We miss its beautiful blooming period accidentally due to our busy life. We may have richer lives, but our minds and souls are being emptied.

For a long time, people have tended to emphasize economic effects and have overlooked the environmental damage we have caused. On one hand, we have damaged the environment to pursue development. On the other hand, we felt helpless and anxious about it. Therefore, with the holding of 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, we invite citizens to reflect on the intimate relationship between humanity and Mother Nature and listen carefully to the messages conveyed by Mother Nature. 

Gross National Product (GNP) was originally an economic indicator that evaluated the final market value of the commodities produced by the citizens of a country within a certain period. However, by setting “Discover GNP: Rediscover Green, Nature and People” as the theme of Taichung World Flora Exposition, we give GNP a brand new definition. It is no longer just ice-cold statistics, but the beautiful value of the harmonious development of green ecosystem (Green), natural manufacturing (Nature) and humanitarian livelihood (People). We attempt to tell the world a brand new point of view, GNP with warmth.

The three exhibition areas of Taichung World Flora Exposition are the evident presentation of GNP in which we uphold the designing concept of “no destruction, just beautifying”. We believe that if we can hit a perfect balance between manufacturing, ecosystem and life, we can make Mother Nature better and humanity can obtain endless energy from it, creating a positive cycle.

【Green】Green․ Ecosystem․ Co-existence
“Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area” upholds the core value of green co-existing. Originally, the whole Taichung World Flora Exposition was planned to be held here, but leopard cats, a local endangered species, were discovered here in 2014. Therefore, mayor Lin Chia-lung decided that the protection of the habitat of leopard cats was first priority and thus reduced the exhibition area of Houli Park Area and use Wiapu and Fengyuan to complement with the reduced areas. This gesture turned conflict into a win-win situation and created a beautiful homeland that co-exists with the ecosystem.

This decision was highly praised internationally. AIPH formally renamed International Flora Exposition to the Taichung World Flora Exposition in 2015 to recognize the decision made by Taichung City Government in protecting the habitat of wild animals.

At the same time, seizing the opportunity for the Flora Exposition to be held here, the Taichung City Government renovated the century-old horse stable and transformed into an equestrian arena that meets international standards. In addition, precious old trees and the forest are preserved and made into “Flora Horse Land” and “Forest Garden”. After the Flora Exposition has ended, this place will be provided to hold all sorts of equestrian and slow jumping competitions so that the unique historical culture of horse stable in Houli can be presented and regain its past glory.

【Nature】Nature . Manufacturing . Sharing
The main exhibition venue of “Waipu Park Area” upholds the core value of sharing with nature and demonstrates the green technology of manufacturing. To present the features of the homeland of flowers and fruits, it especially utilizes smart agriculture to correspond with the target of Taichung World Flora Exposition in developing quality agriculture. It focuses on safe food, organic, toxic-free and traceability so that not only people can eat them at ease, but also fulfill our responsibility in protecting the environment, creating zero-pollution, and convey the living images of slow food and downshifting. After the Flora Exposition has ended, this place will be transformed into an international agriculture creative park.

【People】Culture․ Life․ Mutual Good
CNN once introduced Taichung as the most livable city in Taiwan and Fengyuan Huluduan Park Area is the best incarnation of the good life in Taichung.

Juanpitzu River, a river that was built for agricultural irrigation, flows by the farmland quietly and has accompanied the people. However, with the development of cities, humanity and the rivers are getting less and less intimate due to the separation of concrete. Nowadays, hydrophilic environments can be built with ecological measures to create a world-class “Riverbank Flora City”. This exhibition area upholds the core value of culture and mutual good and re-interprets the relationships between water and humanity. It not only has the power to cure bustling people from their fatigue, but is also combined with local pastry culture and presents citizens with a banquet of flowers and gourmets. After the Flora Exposition has ended, this place will become a pastry museum.

Taichung World Flora Exposition is not just a flash in the pan; it is a journey and an opportunity for development. We ponder what the people need with human-oriented mindsets. Further on, what can Taichung World Flora Exposition bring to the world?

Therefore, the sustainable utilization of the Flora Exposition venues and the transportation, economic, tourism and cultural constructions that come with it will all be kept in order to bring about sustainable development for suburban areas and set the foundation for the further development of Taichung.

Taichung World Flora Exposition is a period in which our progress is presented. The Flora Exposition is a platform to present the world with the hard works of the flower and fruit farmers of Taiwan, the brainchildren of the constructors, the endeavors of the volunteers, and even the highly-praised human kindness of Taiwan. It allows the world to focus on Taichung. Most importantly, it allows the world to further understand Taiwan.

Through concrete designing implementation, we allow the people to walk into Mother Nature and feel the spiritual banquet presented by the land and create happiness in our lives. We hope all visitors can feel pleased and all participants feel proud. Most importantly, we hope the livelihoods of local residents can become more convenient due to related constructions and make more people feel happy due to the Flora Exposition.

This melody orchestrated by humanity and Earth that describes the Mother Nature and life can only be appreciated when one calms their mind. We sincerely invite all citizens to join us and “listen to the sound of blooming”.

2018.11 - 2019.4
Taichung World Flora Exposition
Houli + Waipu + Fengyuan
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